New (old!) venue

The office space was an interesting experiment, but we decided early on that it doesn’t quite match up to the experience of singing in a space with a great acoustic and a real piano. So we have converted the front room of our house into a full time teaching room! I am so pleased with the result and can’t wait to start teaching there again. 

This year has been a real education in risk assessments! I am a member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians and have been following their guidance throughout, so the room has been designed with all their recommendations in mind. We will stay 3m apart during the lesson, I have scheduled gaps between students so there will be no crossover between you and anyone else, and the room will be fully ventilated and cleaned between each lesson. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to see the full risk assessment, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to share it. 

We have also made some acoustic adjustments, so it is a gorgeous space to sing in. The party wall with the neighbours has been fitted with soundproof insulation and acoustic plasterboard so we can make as much beautiful noise as we like without worrying about disturbing anyone else!  What a great way to end the year. 

Face to face lessons are back!

After five long months of Skype and Zoom I am finally able to return to teaching in person.

We can’t use the room in my house any more, as the new safety guidelines specify a distance between singers of 3m so it’s too small. Instead, we have rented a space in the centre of Tonbridge. I spent my first day there today and it’s great!

It is very accessible – just five minutes walk from Tonbridge station, and a minute’s walk from the High Street, with lots of parking close by.

The new space allows me to keep three metres distance between me and my students.